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Maggie Shelbador is a half-breed succubus with a heart. Though raised inside one of the worst whorehouses in the world, all she wants is to find one man who will love her despite what she is. She dreams of one day being free of her nightmarish life but fears no man will ever truly trust her.

The year is 3515 and most of the world has been destroyed by a combination of natural disasters and man’s neglect. The whole human race faces extinction. To survive, the leaders of the day approach demons for help, not understanding the high price they will be forced to pay. Normally bound by the summoner’s magic, the demons know Maggie is the key to giving them free access to Earth.

Daniel is a widower with a young son. He is out hunting one day when his settlement is attacked and his son abducted. He tracks them to House of Pain, not realizing a trap is being set for him. Though tortured, Daniel refuses to break when they try to force him to prostitute himself—until a beautiful blonde woman is brought into the room, her power stripping away his self-control.

**This book is intended for mature readers only. Sexual scenes are involved that touch on the taboo.**


About Denna Holm

I love reading and writing about fantasy and science fiction.

10 responses »

  1. I’m interested in reading and reviewing an ARC copy.

    • Denna Holm says:

      Hi Crystal and Daisy Mae,
      If you send me an email address and your preferred format, epub, mobi or PDF, I’ll be happy to send you a review copy. Thanks you for your interest.

  2. Melissa says:

    I’m interested in an arc

  3. Pamela Gramlisch says:

    I am interested in reading and reviewing HOUSE OF PAIN. I leave my reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and BookBub. Also my main interest is in paranormal romances.

  4. Tammy L Green says:

    I’m interested in reading and reviewing a copy.

  5. Tanya Nichols says:

    I’m interested…would love to read and review

    • Denna Holm says:

      Hi Tanya,
      Thank you for your interest in House of Pain. Contact me at denaholm(at)gmail(dot)com and I’ll be happy to gift you a copy. Let me know your preferred format. Epub, mobi or PDF. Look forward to hearing from you.

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