Silvano is Commander of the Cyborg ship Freedom. He feels responsible for his Cyborg crew and has spent the past century trying to keep them free of the Human Alliance. Humans represent everything Cyborgs hate, a plague upon the universe, destroying everything in their path. Before they fought for their freedom, Cyborgs were considered little more than expendable slaves.

Tessa and her twin sister Tara are abducted from Earth by aliens that resemble man-sized lizards to be used for breeding. They are rescued from the lizards by these strange, emotionless beings who claim to be Cyborgs. Tessa isn’t sure what to think about the stern commander but can’t deny she finds him as attractive as she does terrifying.

Things heat up between Tessa and Silvano when he is forced to use her to lead a traitor Cyborg away from his ship.

COMING MAY 10th 2022

Mathis is head medic aboard the Cyborg ship Freedom. For centuries he’s endured abuse by his handlers in the Human Alliance. As a healer, it goes against his nature to torture and kill a weaker species, but this is what the Alliance demands of him. Finally free of their abusive masters, Cyborgs like Mathis will do anything in their power to avoid contact with humans. This changes when his commander rescues twelve human females off a Vesperian ship.

Tara wakes up after six months in a coma to find she’s been abducted from Earth and impregnated by an alien lizard man. Everything she knows and loves is gone: her sister, her family, her life. Cyborgs only exist in science fiction novels back home, but apparently they’re real enough in this time. Tara has no memory of the lizard man who abducted her, but she isn’t entirely sure she’s safe with these emotionally cold Cyborgs.

Sparks fly between Tara and her handsome doctor when the new commander of Freedom dumps her and the other women on a world where men rule, and females have no rights.