It’s a defining feature to every human body, to every male human body, that is. The purpose is simple: procreation, although many would agree that recreation should not go overlooked, and the design is rather flawless. However, purpose and design aside, the phallace is one of the most complex subject matters in existence, and not exactly the number one topic at anyone’s dinner table. How did this necessary trait for life become so incredibly taboo in our society, and do we even want to reverse this distorted perspective?

Looking back in history, one artist in particular both painted and sculpted some of the most famous pieces known even today, many of which happened to reveal the male “livelihood”, entirely void of modesty. I’m speaking of course, of the one and only Michelangelo, and his works of David, and in The Sistine Chapel.

Image David is a 7-feet tall sculpture depicting David from the biblical story David and Goliath. The sculpted man stands tall and confident, his features literally chiseled to perfection. His phallace, however, is undeniably and remarkably small, although David himself seems to take no notice and is not even remotely apologetic. The same image is shown on the ceiling of The Sistine Chapel, depicting Jesus Christ reaching out of God’s hand, both men possessing small and unimpressive genitalia.

It seems, before the porn industry revolutionized the phallace from something which only contributed to the persona of man into that which defined him completely, our entire frame of reference has been turned upside down! A beautiful man, or statue, stood before us years ago to give man an ideal, whereas now, we’re given Ron Jeremy, for example, with all of his 9.5 inches.

ron jeremy nude

One theory as to why the men in Michelangelo’s art are so poorly endowed is that he did not want the phallace to be the focal point of the piece, potentially resulting in the image as whole being overlooked.

Of course, Mr. Jeremy is only one example to which men today can look for guidance as to what a man is supposed  to be. There are many other more attractive examples, but one thing is for certain: If you’re not well endowed, society will never forgive you.

It is a mindset that is very faulted, but is not likely to change anytime soon. All the individual can do is choose for themselves what is both important and beautiful, and go about their lives without the merciless influence of contemporary media.

About Denna Holm

I love reading and writing about fantasy and science fiction.

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  1. Doug Lamoreux says:

    With all due respect, Denna, this blog should me titled ‘Warning Ron Jeremy’ naked.

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