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There are many new novels to choose from these days about my favorite fanged character, the vampire, and I often spend days sorting through new titles, reading blurbs and samples, trying to choose my next purchase. I scanned through the blurb on The Last Keeper’s Daughter by Rebecca G. Trogner and thought it sounded interesting, so I read a couple pages from the prologue and that was it. I’m totally hooked. I love it when the author can bring across danger in a powerful vampire and I knew from the first two pages here that the main character would be one I would connect with. But what really sets the hook, at least for this reader anyway, is learning about the softer side of his nature, the part of him that can still love a simple human woman. In this story, Krieger is the vampire king and he fits the bill perfectly in all areas. But face it, what good is everlasting life if you don’t have someone there to love and share it with you? And me, being a hopeless romantic, I want to share their experience with them.

Lily Ayres is the woman who catches Krieger’s attention. Her father approaches him, asking for a personal favor. Take care of his only daughter, Lily, in exchange for the life he has spent working for the king as his Keeper. Krieger agrees to do so, not intending to watch over her personally, but after meeting Lily, finds he can’t stand the idea of anyone else doing it. When she is mortally injured not long after he first meets her, Krieger must give her his blood or she will die, creating a bond between him and Lily that can’t be broken. But he can’t force her to love him, that part has to be earned. Like most ancient vampires I read about, he tends to be a little on the bossy side. But Lily isn’t as meek as people think when they first meet her.

Though I love the romance part of this story, there is much more going on than a simple love affair. There is a lot more to Lily than first meets the eye and Krieger needs to learn why anyone would want her dead. Hunter,a human detective is brought into the picture, one who has just learned about the supernatural world Krieger rules over. He is trying to help the vampire king learn who is behind the death of Lily’s father and other key people in their society. I have to admit I felt a slight disappointment when I reached the end of this novel, because not everything going on felt tied up for me, but I see where there is room for a sequel and I’ll definitely be standing in line to pick it up when released. The Last Keeper’s Daughter is not only a great romance, but also a great mystery in the works. I’m certain other readers will enjoy it as much as I did.

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I love reading and writing about fantasy and science fiction.

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  1. Rebecca says:


    Thank you for such a wonderful review. I so glad you liked my book! I’m looking forward to hearing more about your new book. Take care.

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