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National Human Trafficking Awareness Day on January 11 raises awareness of the persistent issue of human trafficking. Though the entire month of January has already been recognized as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, this day is specifically dedicated to awareness and prevention of the illegal practice.

National Awareness Day of Human Trafficking falls this year on the 11th of January. Its purpose is to draw attention to one of the most horrific crimes this world has to offer – Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery. Given its cruel and sadistic nature, and given that National Awareness Day for Human Trafficking is almost upon us, it is important to highlight some facts about this global atrocity.

Many forms of this abuse take place much closer to home than we might imagine. Human traffickers target and recruit vulnerable individuals by preying on their personal situations, using force or fraud, or sometimes targeting them more subtly through the use of social media and dating platforms. They often exploit these apps and websites to recruit victims through what appear to be legitimate job offers. They persuade victims to meet in person and, unfortunately, such meetings can frequently result in abduction and kidnapping.

There are over twenty million victims worldwide. Close to five million of these are young women trafficked into the sex trade. The others are adults and impoverished children, forced into many forms of slave labour, living in degrading and brutal conditions. With vast numbers like these, the industry is globally estimated to be worth about $750 billion a year to those who engage in it. 

These people operate in dark places and tend to have minimum visibility. One detective referred to this barbarity as, “a hidden crime … hidden in plain sight. People really do need to be made aware of it.” Maybe National Awareness Day will help open people’s eyes to it.

But what can any of us do? There will probably be all sorts of information available about this on the 11th of January, but initially we can:

  1. inform ourselves about Human Trafficking and learn the signs;
  2.  remain vigilant at all times;
  3. report any concerns we might have to the authorities;
  4. spread the word about the practice to friends;
  5. raise our voices where we can.

Go HERE for more information on Human Trafficking

Talented writer, Brian O’Hare recently released a perfect book for this day. The author cares about his work, his subject matter, and about people. He also cares about justice, and more importantly, injustice. His words matter to him, and if you give him a try, you will soon see that they’ll matter to you too.

The Trafficking Murders

Crimson Cloak Publishing is proud to announce the recent publication of The Trafficking Murders from one of our best-selling authors, an exciting mystery thriller which opens the lid on this dreadful practice. Readers’ Favorite, a major book awards organization, has this to say about it:

Well-researched novels like Brian O’Hare’s The Trafficking Murders need to be written and read. The truth about what happens to victims of trafficking is ugly indeed and explored excellently by this talented author. Just think: these are someone’s children. This could happen to your son or daughter. It is thanks to the concern and compassion with which Brian O’Hare creates his characters and writes his novel that readers get a thorough look at the emotional, physical, and psychological effects of trafficking on both victims and those who try to help them. O’Hare’s research and writing skills are top-notch.

The Trafficking Murders can now be purchased at the special introductory price of $1.99 from Amazon, or it can be read free through Amazon’s KU. (Kindle Unlimited)

Link to my review of The Trafficking Murders

Crimson Cloak Publishing interview of Author Brian O’Hare

Crimson Cloak Publishing

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