For one student, college is about to become the education of a lifetime.

When Jay Ferragamo becomes Editor of The Scope, South Central College’s campus newspaper, he quickly learns the financial disaster he’s been handed. Rather than giving up, Jay embarks on a mission to secure the needed funds to revive the newspaper, and receives a lesson in both campus and small-town politics. Complicating matters, Jay learns the source of The Scope’s financial travails; thievery by a former staffer who belongs to one of the college’s most generous families. Calling this person to account will mean not only exposing one of the most notorious scandals in the city’s history, but could also destroy Jay’s college career.

Will Jay be able to get The Scope back in business and get justice, or will he and his newspaper become the big story?

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What others are saying about A 38 Day Education!

“A 38 Day Education took me back to the feeling of being young and idealistic but uncertain how to meet challenges that you never could have imagined existed. I was rooting for Jay to find a victory as he worked and puzzled out how to cope with the rules both written and unwritten. It seemed pretty hopeless each time another catastrophe dropped in Jay’s lap to wonder, “How the heck is he going to cope with that one?” He always did and never in a way I might have guessed.” – Lynne Murray—Amazon Review

“Once the ride “really started” I couldn’t stop reading. The rest of the characters mesh like clockwork into their roles. Craig Johannsen is my favorite – Jays voice of reason in this story. The rest of the newspaper staff is solid and steadfast as college students can be. Even Cassie Owinger, who comes across as seriously ditzy and out of it, has her moments of brilliance. The real fun is between Tasha Davidson and Madeline Duncan, two backstabbing sorority girls, as well the rest, including angry politicians. Also juicing things up are back door deals, failures, emotional ups and downs, sex (yes it has a little and it’s a toned down sort of steam), romance and even some triumphs, though incomplete, which round out the story.” – Twihard Tanya—Amazon Reviewer


Five out of Five Stars

Jay Ferragamo is a young college student who is forced to grow up fast when he takes over as Editor of The Scope for South Central College. The paper was left with no funds because of a thief—the daughter of one of the college’s most generous families. Dealing with college and small-town politics becomes a headache he’s not sure he’s ready for.

I enjoyed following Jay Ferragamo in John Guzzardo’s A 38 Day Education. A very realistic view of campus life for a young college student. We watch as Jay struggles to deal with complicated issues that could end up destroying his college career if he isn’t very careful.

My college days are far in the past, thankfully, but this story brought back many memories. A great read by a talented author. Definitely worth taking a look.


John E. Guzzardo has been writing, in one form or another, for over 20 years. His writing career began in high school, continuing to college as Editor of his campus newspaper from 1994 through 1996, and again in 2011. After moving to Atlanta he signed his first publishing contract the day after a major snowstorm stuck, crippling the city. John received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in History from Georgia Southwestern State University in December 2017. John spends much of his free time writing, playing with his cats, and enjoying different blends of coffee. His favorite writers include David Barry, Peter David, and indie author Olivia Gracey.

John returned to the Tampa Bay area in 2018 from Atlanta, where he moved in 2013. He has also lived in Cleveland, Ohio and Northeast Pennsylvania. He has been married for more than 20 years and enjoys spending time with his wife, Tanya, and their cats.

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