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For Summia, the war against Imperiana has reached the point of desperation. President Gelfson vows to end the fight with the total annihilation of every Summian man, woman and child. Var, the Patch Man, has been trapped inside the Source for seven years, unable to use its magic until now. He knows that Summia’s only hope for survival lies in their ability to recruit warriors from other domains. Meesha, the one-armed teenager, and Ten, the leader of a rebel band, travel to Haba-Yan in search of the Lore Mistress, Kerash, but they find more than they bargained for in the attempt. Meanwhile, the former Imperial assassin, Ulan, has ventured back to the Chunee seeking redemption. What she finds instead may well turn the tide in the final battle for Summia.

“GOODNESS, What a POWERFUL NOVEL that I never wanted to stop reading! I felt bad for Meesha who had lost an arm, but the girl turned into a POWERHOUSE once her powers kicked in, but she had learned the bow and arrow using only one hand and I marveled at her ability! I was in the war fighting side by side with the Summerians as they didn’t want their independence taken by the Imperiana government. Patch Man II is a fantastic novel filled with distrust an betrayal that readers should enjoy!” — Linda (Goodreads review)



The Battle for Summia is an exciting Young Adult story that should appeal to wide range of readers of all ages. I have held a life-long love of fantasy and science fiction and admire all authors who have the talent to build worlds and characters that come to full 3D life in the reader’s mind. I first came across Rick Stepp-Bolling in Patch Man, the first novel in this series. He managed to hold my attention from the very first page and I very nearly read the whole book in one sitting. Meesha and Ten, Var (the Patch Man) and Ka (a half raptor hybrid) along with several other colorful characters quickly became very important to me. I was extremely happy to pick up in The Battle for Summia where we’d left on in Patch Man. Though the setting is masterfully drawn, at the heart of this story are the characters and the difficulties they are facing.

Though I think readers can pick up this second novel in the series and settle into the story easily enough without reading book one, I would suggest you go back and pick up Patch Man first. The Source Var becomes trapped inside, and the magic involved there, will probably make more sense. Anyone who is a fan of gaming will definitely enjoy this series. Each of our characters are tested to the limit and the reader is left sitting on the edge of their seat wondering how they will ever manage to survive it. This reader can’t wait for book 3.


Rick Stepp-Bolling, a retired professor of writing from Mt San Antonio College, now resides in Ramona, California, with his wife, Francie, and their collection of rescued animals. He has published four books with a fifth on the way: SMOKE AND MIRRORS (a book of poetry), AUTOCIDE (a collection of short stories), ICARIAN, and his first novel in a fantasy/science fiction series, PATCH MAN, published by Crimson Cloak Publishers. He can be contacted at his website


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