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Emmeline’s enchanted beach hut can take her anywhere she wants to go. When she and her cat Chesterpuss are sent to spend the summer at her Aunt Adna’s, the beach hut comes too. Soon Emmeline is plotting to “rescue” her cousin Alice from her sickroom for some restorative fresh air and adventure, meeting some adorable friends along the way.
After years of being kept in her bedroom by her overprotective mother, Alice realises that her cousin Emmeline, with her furry feline friend Chesterpuss and their enchanted flying beach hut, could be her only hope of seeing the outside world again. Emmeline, with the help of Chesterpuss and the adorable Pip and Penelope, plot a daring escape that leads to one amazing journey that Alice will never forget …
The author was inspired by numerous visits to Holkham beach in Norfolk, UK, and seeing the lovely brightly coloured beach huts there. The result was this charming children’s Fantasy chapter book for children aged 7-9 years of age.
The book contains an introductory foreword by the Countess Lady Leicester.
Chesterpuss by
Eustace K.
Suzanne King
Suzanne King
Suzanne King is a very new children’s author and loves to read children’s books. Her favourite books are The Lion The Witch and Wardrobe, Mary Poppins, Charlotte’s Web and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, to name just a few. Suzanne loves the seaside and spending time walking along the beach.

About Denna Holm

I love reading and writing about fantasy and science fiction.

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