About Denna Holm

I love reading and writing about fantasy and science fiction.

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  1. bazanjj says:

    Hi Denna, my name is Silvia and im writing to ask how or why these photos came upon this page. Raif Coe is the deceased brother of my husband and ive been scouring the internet looking for any trace of Raif that may be left behind.

    • Denna Holm says:

      Hi Silvia, Raif gave these to me when he was going out with my daughter, Kari. I was very sorry to hear about his death. He was a very talented young man, both with art and music and will be greatly missed. If it bothers your husband to have these up on my site for others to look at, I’ll be happy to take them down.

      • bazanjj says:

        Oh not at all! We were actually very happy to have found them. Thankyou for putting them online, we would have never found them otherwise. It helps Kyle to have anything left of his brother.

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