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Five out of five stars

The novel “Exiled” caught and held my attention right from the very first page.  I had only meant to open it up and take a quick peek because I’m behind on my list of reads, but found I couldn’t put it back down.  All the creatures I love to
read about were here, vampires, shifters, witches etc. and a new one, hunters.  Chase is a young hunter whose father works for the Circle, a group of upernatural types keeping the demon population under control on our world.
Most hunters are gifted with a power, one of the elements, and young
Chase is anxious to learn what his will be.  His father carries the element of fire and is greatly feared by the demon population.  His mother carries
water.  But when Chase goes through the ceremony meant to bring his element to the forefront, nothing happens.  His father is furious and sends him and his
mother away, accusing her of adultery.

After three years on their own Chase meets up with a young half demon girl who is being taught by an ex-hunter named Marcus.  They become friends and Chase learns his father is not who he always thought the powerful man to be.  He wants
to open up a doorway that would allow pureblood demons into the human
realm.  At the time only half breeds, weaker creatures, existed.  Now he and
Rayna must find a way to stop him and not get themselves killed in the process.  Rayna and Marcus can feel there is power inside Chase, but will it reveal itself in time to save them?

This novel is nonstop action all the way, almost too much.
I felt like I needed a place to catch my breath.  Most of the characters are all well rounded and three dimensional, the plot exciting, leaving the reader on the edge of their seat right up to the end.  Vincent, the vampire, was perhaps the only one I questioned.  His character changed, scary and intimidating at the start and then turning into a bit of a wimp by the end.  I’m not sure I cared for this, but perhaps in the next novel it will be explained.  I ran into several typos along the way, but they weren’t enough to take away from my pleasure while reading.  Just a momentary blip and off we go. Personally, I can’t wait to read the next in line by M.R. Merrick.  A real pleasure to read and review and deserving of its five star rating.


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I love reading and writing about fantasy and science fiction.

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