Jada and her three best friends, all avid bow hunters, are attacked by unknown creatures while on vacation during elk season. One of her friends is killed outright and two others are taken captive. She wants to fight to get them back, but a stranger blocks her path.

Bryce is a tracker of rogues for the Laizahlian Council. He has worked for the Hunter Vaughn for almost three hundred years. The last person he expects to find on this backward planet of Earth is his destined mate. He barely arrives in time to save her from the two rogues he and his partner were sent to track down, but he can’t save Jada and her three friends.

Bryce knows the greatest threat to his mate will come from Vaughn himself, a powerful vampire. It is forbidden by the Council for their kind to take a human mate. If Bryce can’t convince Vaughn that Jada is a born shapeshifter, his partner will kill her. He can’t allow this, even if it means he must go rogue himself to protect her.

Calem is a wolf shapeshifter from the planet Laizahlia, a loyal pack member willing to do whatever his king and elders ask of him … until the day his daughter Abriel is born. There is a legend among his kind about a pure white wolf, a female born with bright blue eyes. She is called the Ghost Warrior, and it is believed she will bring about the destruction of their people.

Throughout their history, only a few of these white females have ever been born and all were killed by their own pack shortly after birth. Calem’s daughter is born with pure white hair and bright blue eyes. The pack grows nervous as she enters adolescence, demanding Calem hand her over to them. With nowhere safe to take Abriel, Calem and his mate will have to fight to the death to protect her.

“The tragic prequel to this author’s Immortal Warriors series. I could empathize with Calem over the awful events that happened to him more so because his own brother and pack members were responsible. Did his people even deserve another chosen to save them? A very emotional introduction, well worth reading!” — PPeters, Amazon


Faith is furious with her parents when they force her to move from Portland to some Podunk town in Eastern Oregon. No malls, no movie theatres, not even a bowling alley. They don’t even have a close neighbor. She knows none of her friends will ever want to visit her here. But the hiking trails aren’t bad, so she stocks her backpack and takes off to fume alone for the day.

Headstrong Aeson made a huge mistake. New to shifting forms, he lost control and took a bad fall, breaking his wrist and ankle. Naked and alone, too far from his clan to seek help, he knows his odds of surviving are low. Until a young human female shows up. All his life Aeson has considered humans the enemy. Can he afford to trust Faith? Can he afford not to?