Soul of a Warrior
Kimi’s world is turned upside down when a handsome stranger shows up claiming to be her mate. But he also claims to be from another world. She does what any sane woman would do in her situation. She runs. Tagging along are her two best friends and a feisty tabby cat. They don’t realize they are setting themselves up to be abducted by a second alien, the enemy of Kimi’s mate. He transports them to a hostile world, where they are tortured, then abandoned. Now they must try to find their own way back home.

Neyvarre is an ancient vampire, a hunter of rogues from the planet Laizahlia. He long ago gave up hope of ever finding his fated mate, the one woman who carries half his soul inside her. He is shocked to find his mate in Kimi, a fragile human from Earth, and makes the mistake of allowing her to run. He will soon learn to regret this decision when an ancient enemy steps in to take her from him. Will he be able to find her again before the worst happens?

Ghost Warrior
Amanda Cross believes she’s put the worst behind her when she finally escapes the hostile world of Lavina. But instead of returning to Earth, she decides to build a new life for herself on Laizahlia with Tallyn, the wolf shapeshifter who helped rescue her. Not everything goes according to plan, especially when Tallyn’s father rejects their union and tries to have her killed.

Amanda is Tallyn’s fated mate, but he’s worried he might not be able to protect her from his own people. It doesn’t help when he learns there might be a connection between his new mate and a fire-born species of shapeshifters called Umi. Legend says a pure white wolf will bring about the destruction of their people. Is the Ghost Warrior fact or myth? Could Amanda, with her beautiful white hair, be this legendary beast?

A Warrior’s Nightmare
Jessica’s mother died under mysterious circumstances right after giving birth to her. Her dad refuses to speak about it, though his eyes grow haunted every time the subject comes up. All Jessica knows is that it was a violent death. Her answers will come from a stranger she meets while camping with her father at one of Oregon’s beautiful mountain lakes, a stranger who knows far more than he should.

Nethaniel is a Lycaeonian from the planet Laizahlia, a wolf shapeshifter. He is taking his first trip off world with his father when he runs across Jessica fly fishing at a lake. Though it shouldn’t be possible, he recognizes her immediately as his fated mate. Unfortunately, Nethaniel’s father has enemies, and three have followed them to Earth. Nethaniel is afraid he won’t be able to protect his young mate but knows he has no choice but to try.

About Denna Holm

I love reading and writing about fantasy and science fiction.

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